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​​If you've ever dreamed of becoming a writer, but lacked the motivation to keep at it, to improve, to finish, this class will give you the tools and the inspiration to complete what you've started. A great way to be part of a local community of writers.

Melissa does a fantastic job of creating a safe space for writers to develop and discuss their work. 

Writing Fiction and Nonfiction Workshop was a challenging but enjoyable class. I felt like I gained a lot better understanding of the technical aspects of writing. More important was the camaraderie with other aspiring writers. 

The Lafayette Writers' Studio classes I've taken have built not only my skills as a writer--they have increased my confidence in my own style and helped me find my voice. I've become part of a local community of writers. The time spent workshopping my writing has proven invaluable, offering me peer review and feedback I have used to revise and strengthen my work. I can't recommend the classes highly enough. 

Engaging and life-changing experience. This class helps writers find discipline.

Lafayette Writers' Studio gave me the environment I needed to jumpstart my writing. The feedback and instruction was invaluable. 

The community, the friendships, the respect, the camaraderie. . .  I could go on. I enjoyed the realization that everyone can write and the classes at the Lafayette Writers' Studio empowered and encouraged me to dive into my writing practice and enjoy it.  Karis

Take your daydream and move it into a published piece--Melissa Fraterrigo will inspire you, fire you up, keep you on track. Kathy

This class was just what
I needed to motivate and encourage
me to keep writing. Melissa masterfully
guided us and instructed us as writers
and provided a safe place for us to share our work.

This has been a wonderful opportunity to be
challenged and also affirmed in attempting a
larger project as a writer. It has given me what I
needed to keep going.Laura 

What I noticed the most about the course was that Melissa seemed to really care about everybody’s work.  She wasn’t just teaching for something to do – it mattered to her that everyone in the room took something away and succeeded.  We read some really great pieces that I’m sure I would never have discovered without her, and her suggestion to read widely is something important that I’ve rather taken to heart.  It was also just nice to get feedback on my stuff, which she kindly took the time to do.  She wanted each and every one of us to do well.     Kelly 

Great class. Melissa was masterful in unlocking my creative juices. Kurt

Taking a writing class was very outside of my comfort zone and writing my memoir seemed
only like a dream. Yet Melissa helped me to see that anyone who writes is a writer. With
Melissa's encouragement, writing exercises, and feedback, I am thrilled to say my once far fetched dream is now a reality!      Alisha